Tar And Chip (Chip Seal)

Tar and Chip (Chip Seal)

Need a clean look for your driveway?  Do you have a long driveway?  Do you have steep slopes?

Tar & Chip Driveway Repair is an affordable solution for many home owners and business owners. This process can be applied to a black top surface or to a prepared base.  It is a thick, compacted base of stone aggregate topped with a couple of layers of liquid asphalt and small gravel.

We use a variety of colored rocks such as granite, white and pink rock, slate and brown and beige river rock . The light colored stone surface tar and chip does not absorb heat like black top does and stays much cooler.

Tar & Chip Seal has a rough surface which gives traction even in wet weather and is an excellent choice for steep slopes. Using larger rocks or chips creates a stronger surface for heavier traffic. Making this a good choice for your farm or commercial road.

This process was the original pavement used on all roads, parking lots and driveways. This driveway repair option, is virtually maintenance free as there is no need for sealcoating. The life span of tar and chip depends on the amount of layers installed. This method is just as durable and dependable as black top.

Make your Driveway Long Lasting, Charming, and Traction Friendly!


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