Tips: Asphalt Paving for Business Parking Lots

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Asphalt Paving for Business Parking Lots

Asphalt Paving for Business Parking Lots 

If you’re responsible for maintaining the parking lot for a business, that can involve a very important need to keep it looking its best and performing well too. Good performance means that there are no potholes or cracks that could conceivably damage patrons’ tires, and cause the customers to be dissatisfied with parking around your place of business.

When this happens, customers tend to go elsewhere to do business, simply because they don’t have to deal with any parking lot mishaps. You should also be concerned about customer safety, because if any kind of accident should occur, they may try to force you to pay for any damages or medical costs. A well-maintained parking lot will also reflect better on your business, and it’s generally the first impression a customer has about your business, so you’ll want that first impression to be a favorable one.

Preparing your asphalt parking lot

Installation of your asphalt parking lot is extremely important, because if installation is carried out correctly, your parking lot will certainly last for a good number of years. On the other hand, parking lots that are incorrectly installed, may be at risk of being exposed to weather elements and other sources that will degrade it much faster than normal. That being said, preparation for installation will normally involve clearing the space out and removing all existing material.

For instance, there may be concrete blocks or pieces in the area, and these will have to be hauled away, so they don’t interfere with the installation of the asphalt. Anything that might interfere with the level of the asphalt, or which might cause rolling to be implemented improperly, should be completely removed. After this has happened, you’ll just have to measure the space off into sections where asphalt can be installed in segments. Each of these segments will have to be installed perfectly level, and then measured against the adjacent ones to ensure that a uniform and even surface is presented throughout the entire parking lot.

Why your business should use asphalt

Parking lots made of asphalt benefit by the fact that this material is extremely durable, and capable of resisting outdoor conditions like excessive heat and moisture. It is a very strong building material which requires very little upkeep, and can easily be installed in large areas like parking lots. Unlike concrete, asphalt is simply rolled into place rather than poured, and it does not require the extensive time cure like concrete does. That means after the asphalt is installed, it will be ready for usage by the very next day. This will reduce labor costs as well as lead time on usage. It can also eliminate associated costs which might accumulate while your concrete parking lot might be drying after installation.

Upkeep of asphalt parking lots

As previously mentioned, asphalt requires very little maintenance over any period of time. In general, all you’ll have to deal with is repairing cracks or cleaning off the surface, because of natural wear and tear. It would be a good idea to inspect your parking lot after seasonal changes have occurred, mainly after winter time, so that you can identify any deterioration immediately. By reacting more quickly to any degradation that has occurred, you can prevent any expensive repair work which might be necessary, and stave off a complete replacement of your asphalt surface. When an asphalt parking lot is installed correctly, it will generally last for a great many years without significant maintenance. At the most, you may have to sealcoat it, so that you can extend the life of your parking lot.