Professional Grading & Excavating

Excavation & Grading

Are you building a new home? Grading a landscape? Need to expand your yard?

Prime Paving & Sealcoating contractors offer professional grading & excavating services. Before we can get started on your paving services, we’ll may need to clear the land and grade the property first.

What does a grading contractor do?

We specialize in grading, excavating, and earth-moving for your home or business property.  Our services include: building roads, grading roads, excavating ditches, building foundations, ponds, sewers, terraced drainage on agricultural and  landscaping.

What is grading and excavating?

Grading and Excavation are two different processes.
Excavating is referred to as earth moving.  Land & lot clearing is necessary before grading can begin by removing any wooded area, trees, brush and other materials.
Grading is where the land is leveled and contoured with our grading equipment.
After you have the land surveyed we can being the process.  We start by evaluating your soil and land before excavation or grading begins.  We will dig the soil deep enough to test the area for firmness by using compaction tests and compaction with equipment.  Once the soil test and approved we can begin preparation, excavating, grading, and trenching.
Our contractors at Prime Paving ensure a level base or a specified slope for a foundation, ponds, roads, sewers, and landscaping or property grading.

What is excavation work in construction?

We being the process with using excavating equipment moving the earth, rock and other materials.  We use our equipment to create trenches, wall shafts, tunneling underground, slopes, and property grading. Once the excavation is complete we will begin grading.  We will begin with leveling and shaping to the contour based on the type of project.
From residential and commercial land clearing to excavation and grading we cover it all!  We will offer a FREE Site Visit and Estimate!  Call Prime Paving & Sealcoating today! We’re the professional grading & excavating crew!

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